Hi my inquisitive souls….. Let’s talk about love today.

I read this somewhere,



And I abide by this. Why not dream of a love that has come straight out of movie or novella? I believed in that kind of gooey love so god gave me a story like one heck of a Nicholas Sparks novel(maybe even better).

It was love at first site (cheesy I know!) but it was. It was a birthday party in the mechanical canteen of Delhi Technical University. As I entered he was standing there laughing his guts out in a green hoody and earth brown trousers. I loved the way he had silver hair and his eyes, oh my god, his eyes. He had brown crystal clear eyes, the ones we Indians call cat eyes.

I think it was the same for him too. After that Facebook became the cupid and we started talking. I was in Delhi for vacation and my college was in Rajasthan. So this became a long distance thing for the better three months of our relationship before I came back to Delhi for summer breaks. A month after chatting continuously on phone I proposed and he said girls aren’t supposed to do this and in return proposed me back.

That was the starting of something so amazing which is going to complete four years on February 22.

What happened next and our adventures I will share in the posts to follow. (Always remember there is a funny story about first kiss. ALWAYS.)


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