LOVE(Part2): First Kiss😘

Hi my inquisitive souls.


So continuing the series this time I would like to share the story of our first kiss..(as the title suggested!)

After three months of long distance, I couldn’t wait another day to meet him so after completing my exam at 5, I ran to board the last bus from my hostel that drops us to the railway station. And yes i missed it. But I was adamant to travel back to delhi that night so that i could meet him the next day. It is a 12 hour journey(not kidding!)

So I took lift from a friend and I was all happy but 25km from the railway station, my friend says that she can’t go any further because she had to stay there somewhere with her cousin and I am stranded at an unknown place at 11 in the night. So I found local bus somehow whose driver said that he will drop me to the railway station. One and half hour of wondering where the heck am I, he drops me to the station and I reach delhi at 6 in the morning.

Note: Rajasthan is a friendly and safe place.

Then I went to meet him at 2ish in the afternoon. I was waiting for him inside a mall and I saw him coming, white and purple stripes polo shirt and the biggest grin I have ever seen😳

My thoughts: oh my god I love him.

Anyways So we decide to go somewhere else. He was driving and some how we hit the car next to us(it was our fault) so we promptly ran(drove) from that place😛 and he parked in a safe zone🙈. He was very disturbed and hyper at that time and wouldn’t shut up. I couldn’t think of anything else so I just kissed him. And yes! That shut him up😳

So this was our first kiss.. I will keep on posting interesting experts from my amazing love life. I will have to take your leave( I am persuading him to marry me at 23😛)

Have an amazing day. Bye

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