7 Day Challenge!

Hi my inquisitive souls..

So have you ever felt 150-170 heartbeats in your body rhythmically pounding in every muscle and every atom of your body? I did today after finally exercising after almost two years and gaining about 16kgs of weight in the period. Yes a muscular and toned body was ruined to become a fat hippo. I know I have very low self esteem right now and that is because how I look matters to me a lot.

Don’t take me wrong I do not promote being thin. I PROMOTE BEING HEALTHY. And for me being healthy shows through my skin.

Today’s weight:75kgs

Goal for now: Not eating unhealthy food and exercising (at home) for 7 days!

So this is a simple challenge and anyone who wishes to can follow with me. There is this amazing person Sunny and he runs a youtube channel MY BOLLYWOOD BODY and he has been doing some amazing work (also professional) to build videos that can help anyone, female or male! Do check him out but his videos are a mixture of Punjabi and English as languages. So I am writing the things I did. I followed him and a little extra.


  • Cycling- 10 minutes
  • Simple stretching- 1-2minutes
  • Knee jumps-50 reps (4 sets)
  • Knee pushups- 8-10 reps (4 sets) – i could not touch my chest on the floor!!
  • Squats- 10-12 reps (4 sets)
  • Jumping Jacks- 25 reps (4 sets)
  • Reverse Crunches- 10-12 reps (4 sets)

These can be done at home and you don’t need to spend on a membership and for me personally I am ashamed of myself to go to a gym right now.

REMEMBER!  Deep breathe through your nose and release through your mouth(its important!) and pay attention you don’t hurt yourself!


I did loose about 11 kgs previously so I know what works for me and the kind of food I require while loosing weight.

And I promise I will not leave exercising or eat junk this time. It’s not just about the body because my family has a history of falling into genetic disorders and I have started to feel pain in my joints and dry eyes and other few symptoms that come with it and I was diagnosed with PCOS 6 years before which inherently leads to me being over weight.

I am doing this for my health and my physique.  So lets start small.


Will keep you posted.


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