A Father’s Betrayal

Hi my inquisitive souls..

It’s about how a parents manipulates you and then breaks your trust for good. They don’t get you nor do they get the intensity with which you want to fight for yourself and gain a name.

One such incident happened with me recently. There are multiple but this one broke my heart. I have been giving series of examination to hopefully get a job  in government arena but I have failed to do that and maybe there are shortcomings in my effort but whatever. So he used to haunt me that study or I will marry you off and now when I have failed I come to know that just wasn’t to haunt  me but was real. Now he really wants to marry me off at fucking 22!.

Betrayal is that two days ago when I asked him what if I failed in this and he said don’t worry I will set you up your own business and now this.

When I inquired about the business he said that you can do all that after marriage.

Trust was broken and maybe after all these I should have learnt better. Heart was broken that if not your dad, whom are you supposed to trust anymore?




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