Love: part 3-Anniversary.


We complete four years of togetherness on February 22 this year. But we can’t meet on that day because he has to go somewhere out of the city. So he bought me these books that I showed him in a bookstore called crossroads a while ago. And a rose.

Getting a rose makes me sort of sad. Maybe because i can’t preserve its freshness and the smell i get. Does this happens to you too? I mean it’s not just that. I love him so much that when he does something for me out of the ordinary, i feel guilt. Is it normal? I am immensely happy but the love is overwhelming.

I ask myself, I am fat. I look average. The only thing good about me is that I am an extremist. And never have I ever got the answer to why such a good looking guy would say yes to me. But he did and still does. Everyday! And that love has grown.

I know he loves me. Maybe more than I love him. And I feel guilty that maybe my love will not be enough.

Thanking You



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