Comfort Food.-Depression Diary

Hi my inquisitive souls.

People with depression would be familiar with this concept of COMFORT FOOD. This habit of eating whenever you are feeling sad generally leads to self destruction in many ways. It’s not just about being healthy and unhealthy or over weight and skinny. Food becomes your drug. And being addicted to anything is dangerous in this world.

For me food is more than comfort, IT IS MY BEST FRIEND. But in the same way you have to leave the negative  influence behind, I have to leave food and choose healthier and better options. I don’t want food to control my life. It is my life and I want to turn it around.

I love weight lifting more than anything and to see improvement in that we need to control a large part of what we feed our bodies with. I am trying my bit to improve my health and my life. And I urge everyone who have some sort of mental or physical disorder. Try to take control of your life.


Thanking you



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