Depression Diaries: ICE CREAM


Do you have some kind of food that makes you feel free in this suffocating life. The walls seem to close on you, all the hope is dying and you can’t seem to stop crying and you run out to market to find that one flavour of ice cream or that particular variety of chips or the best chocos flavour(mine is crunchy bites by the way)?

Food gives me high. I don’t do drugs so this is my sort of freedom. Ice cream lets me think that I am still the kid who doesn’t has to prove herself and has the world on her shoulders, I am the girl in a cheap men’s hair salon who has to get her hair short and then i will get a orange candy.

I want to be that girl who used to stand infront of his father’s scooter and when I got taller i had to scoop down so that he can see the traffic. It was better when I was in lower middle class i guess.





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